From Tantàgora we promote our own projects such as the Flic Festival, the Literary School programs, Emerging Voices or the Publishing Market and we design tailor-made projects and programs for schools, museums, cultural centers and libraries.

Tantàgora was founded in 1991 by Teresa Duran and Roser Ros, the latter being its president for more than thirty years. Currently, we continue to work based on his postulates with the help of an interdisciplinary team that provides a transversal and enriching look at the promotion of a taste for reading and literary mediation.

Currently, a team coordinated by Elisenda Llansana and directed by Magalí Homs continues to develop the organization’s projects and challenges both nationally and internationally.

The Team

Magalí Homs 
→ Director

Roser Ros
→ Literary director

Elisenda Llansana 
→ Management  
→ Literary mediation

David Ribo 
→ Administration

→ Production

Meritxell Carles 
→ Graphic design

→ Digital marketing  

Previous members of the management and mediation team at Tantàgora:

Ada Cusidó, Ada Cruz, Agustí Montardí, Berta Roig, Clara Saperas, Clara Cirici, Cristina Hidalgo, Elisabeth Monjo, Gina Martí, Io Valls, Isabel Serra, Joan Carles Navarro, Laura Ramírez, Lola Rodríguez, Maria Elias, Maria Canyelles, Mariana Grande, Maria Guasch, Mariela Heredia, Mariona Trenchs, Marc Alabart, Marta Roig, Maria Vilanova, Mercè Rubí, Mon Mas, Oriol Homs, Raimon Carreras, Sheila Eroles, Teresa Duran. 


We work to

  • Bring the best artistic legacy to children and young people.
  • Offer them opportunities for cultural development.
  • Bring them the best means to enhance their creativity.
  • Help in the development of the literary sensibility of children and young people.
  • Contribute our experience in fostering a taste for reading.

We aim to

  • To make our own culture known beyond our borders
  • Be interested in new cultural and educational practices and bring them to our region.

We take into account

  • The gender perspective in all our projects and activities.
  • Creating a culture of equality and respect for all human beings.
  • The improvement of environmental sustainability in the management of our projects.

We understand that

  • The promotion of reading occurs in a cultural and fertile ecosystem.
  • Our actions are enriched by the contributions and collaborations of all agents.
  • Special attention must be paid to bringing our activities and projects to all families, without forgetting those who suffer from any type of vulnerability.

We rely on the strength of the team

  • We provide security and responsibility for each team member.
  • We always prioritise the needs of our employees
  • We guarantee work conditions that prioritise time for family
  • We encourage professional growth.
  • We make continuous training possible.
  • We guarantee the involvement of the whole team with the same degree of professionalism and sensitivity in all the projects we carry out, regardless of their size, budget, origin or assignment.

Throughout the years we have counted and count on the contribution of many people; storytellers, illustrators, teachers, artists, managers, designers, mediators, prescribers...


Ac/e, Consorci de libroteques de Barcelona, ​​Libraries of the Community of Madrid, Department of Education of Catalonia, Department of Culture of the Generality of Catalonia, Institution of Catalan Letters, ICUB, Institut Ramón Llull, Madrid Destino, Ministery of Culture of Spain, Creative Europe Program, Sub-directorate of Calalunya Libraries, Provincial Library Network, City Council, libraries and schools throughout the region.

Cultural Centres and Museums

Alhondiga de Bilbao, CCCB, Ca2m, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Fundació Joan Brossa, La pedrera, Mercat de les Flors, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Museu Nacional de Catalunya, Museu Picasso de Barcelona, Palau Robert de Barelona, Casino de Vic, Fabra i Coats.

Illustration Schools

Illa de Sabadell, Massana, La llotja, La industrial de Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Sòria, Manresa, Arte 10 i de diseño de Madrid, Pau Gargallo de Badalona.

Festivals and cultural entities

Esbaiola’t, El Petit, El meu primer festival, Petits Camaleons, Setmana de l’àlbum, Taleia cultura, Tramoia Cultura.

Scope of the book and the CYL

Association of Publishers of Madrid, Casa Anita, Publishers' Guild of Catalonia, Booksellers' Guild of Catalonia, Ibby International, Ibby Catalunya, El patio of books, El genet Blau, Espai Cultruista Sendak, Llibreria Atl.lots, Librerías club kirikú , Petit Tresor Bookstore, Black Pepper Bookstore, Sendak Bookstore.

Publishers of CYL nationally and internationally

ABC art for children – Bèlgica, Bolognia  Book Faire– Italy, European Children's Book Fair of Saarbrücken - Germany, Festival de literatura de Mantova – Italy, Salon du montreuil – France, Hamelin – Italy, Haugland School – Denmark, Elcaf festival - UK, Fundación Mustakis – Chile, Frankfurt Book Faire -  Kids, International Book Arsenal Festival- Ukraine, Les tres ourses – France, Mimaster - Italy, Minimondi – Italy, Pop Up – UK, Silk festival – Denmark, West cork Festival – Ireland, Vaiku Zeme, Centre for School Improvement - Lithuania 


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